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  • OrCAD - Overview

    OrCAD - Overview

    OrCAD’s customizable and easy-to-use modern interface, and real-time insights make it easy for you to make informed decisions while you design your schematics and PCB layouts.

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  • Rapid Prototyping - Overview

    Rapid Prototyping - Overview

    Quickly prototype your Printed Circuit Board design so that you can turn your ideas into successful products faster.

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  • Schematic Capture - Overview

    Schematic Capture - Overview

    Easily create and simulate circuits, manage error prone revisions, generate BOMs according to market requirement and analyze their circuit in a virtual environment before proceeding for PCB design.

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  • Manufacturing Improvement - Overview

    Manufacturing Improvement - Overview

    Easily ensure the manufacturability of your designs with real-time visual feedback and avoid field failures.

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  • High-Speed Design - Overview

    High-Speed Design - Overview

    Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues on your PCB design with the various tools to improve design performance.

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  • Cost Performance Yield - Overview

    Cost Performance Yield - Overview

    Advanced analysis simulation tools help you adjust your PCB designs right from the start, so you can identify component limitations, performance, and cost without relying on guess-work.

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  • Design Reuse - Overview

    Design Reuse - Overview

    With OrCAD, it’s easy to reuse past designs to ensure productivity, minimize design errors and get to market with verified technology faster.

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  • Design Reliability - Overview

    Design Reliability - Overview

    As you work on the layout of your PCB design, it’s important that you run any necessary manufacturing checks to ensure higher quality and reliability of your product.

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  • Constraint Driven Design - Overview

    Constraint Driven Design - Overview

    A constraint driven approach makes your PCB design process smoother. Eliminate the need for multiple design reviews as well as shorten the overall design process.

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  • Simulink CoSimulation

    Simulink CoSimulation

    The seamless bi-directional integration between MathWorks MATLAB Simulink and PSpice lets you easily simulate electrical circuits and mechanical, hydraulic, thermal blocks in one unified environment.

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  • Monte Carlo Analysis

    Monte Carlo Analysis

    Predict component failure before your design arrives at manufacturing.

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  • IPC-2581


    By using the IPC-2581 manufacturing data format, you can accurately convey design intent to your manufacturer, and improve time to market.

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  • Find by Query

    Find by Query

    Find exactly what you’re looking for in your PCB designs. Drag-and-drop to build your search query and save it for later to use it again.

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  • Design Difference Viewer

    Design Difference Viewer

    Easily identify and review any differences between your PCB designs to save time and improve productivity.

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  • Design for Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Assembly

    Design for Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Assembly

    With a full suite of DFM checks including Design for Fabrication (DFF), Design for Assembly (DFA), and Design for Test (DFT) running in real-time while you design.

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  • Custom Workflows and Toolbar

    Custom Workflows and Toolbar

    Create custom workflows for specific tasks or roles–like library creation or quality control checks–to quickly access frequently used commands.

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  • Coupling Analysis

    Coupling Analysis

    Identify and resolve coupling issues within your design prior to production.

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  • Contour Arc Routing

    Contour Arc Routing

    Confidently and accurately route though any design with ease improving your productivity. Draw evenly spaced curved traces at any angle to meet your PCB design needs.

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  • Design for Testing (DFT)

    Design for Testing (DFT)

    Quickly and easily manage your Design for Testing (DFT) constraints with real-time DFM technology for improved quality, reduced costs and higher production yields.

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  • Inline Real-Time Checks

    Inline Real-Time Checks

    By checking for DFM issues while you design in real time you’ll get your designs done faster and have less stress at signoff.

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