OrCAD Sigrity ERC On Demand Webinar

September 29, 2015 Team OrCAD


Speed & Ease of DRC with the Insight of SI

Simple PCB Design Rule Checks alone are no longer adequate to ensure signal quality and therefore, reliable design function. With OrCAD Sigrity, you can now have greater confidence that your PCB design will meet your required specifications with less board layout problems and have still an ease-of-use that won’t tie up expensive engineering resources for signal integrity related issues.


Join us to see how OrCAD Sigrity’s Electrical Rules Check (ERC) and Simulation Rules Check (SRC) use Sigrity’s world-class signal Integrity technology in a tool that can be used by your PCB design team to quickly and efficiently produce quality PCB designs.


Webinar Highlights

  • Why DRC's are limited and can be misleading
  • How ERC's can find problems DRC's cannot
  • OrCAD Sigrity ERC is easy to use tool with minimal setup
  • Geometry based checks run very fast
  • How to quickly locate the source of potential problems on your PCBs


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