Take a Closer Look at What's New in OrCAD 16.6

May 1, 2014 Team OrCAD

Release 16.6 brings enhanced usability, performance, design flows, Tcl scripting, and more. It's time to take a Closer Look at What’s New in OrCAD® 16.6.


The OrCAD 16.6 release continues to address customers’ toughest PCB design challenges. Delivering on four key goals: improved product usability, increased product performance, new design flows, and expanded Tcl scripting integration—the 16.6 release will benefit every user of OrCAD technology.


The OrCAD16.6 release continues the tradition of providing affordable yet sophisticated technology right on your desktop. With this latest release, OrCAD redefines what you should expect from your PCB tools.


  • New signal integrity flow
  • Advanced circuit simulation
  • Expanded customization capabilities
  • Increased performance and productivity

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