Kirsch Mackey

Kirsch Mackey is an electrical systems engineer, software programmer, and instructor. Kirsch has a proven track record for providing reliable technical, project management, and program delivery expertise to clients. Throughout his career, he's built up experience with embedded system design, control theory, power electronics design, and power systems research using data science techniques. In addition to pursuing a PhD in electrical and electronics engineering at the University of Arkansas, he works as an electrical systems engineer and is doing research in the renewable energy and power sectors, incorporating Internet of Things technology and big data.

  • Rules to Make Schematics Clear and Easy to Understand

    Rules to Make Schematics Clear and Easy to Understand

    Schematics are an essential tool to help engineers communicate design intent to multiple stakeholders. This piece will walk you through how to create effective, easy-to-understand schematics.

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  • The Product Design Process

    The Product Design Process

    Understanding the overall product design process, will empower engineers to innovate a finished product that will make consumers relate to it in powerful ways.

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