Meteca and OrCAD Success Story

October 14, 2020 OrCAD PCB Solutions

The company’s products; although intended to make life simpler and faster for companies
that develop IoT electronics systems, are complex which normally would mean long
development cycles for prototype proof of concept and verification testing. The board design
was 6 layers with a 0.8 mm thickness and 0.1 mm trace width/clearance. To achieve the
comprehensive functionality desired for their MBC-WB SOM in order for it to meet the
needs for various implementations and applications, the PCBA layout included
two microcontrollers, one mainly used for heavy computation and wireless communication
(Wi-Fi/BT/BLE) and one mainly involved in wired connections and control.

In addition to the routing of differential traces, impedance control, managing propagation
timing and coupling to achieve the best signal integrity, range and number of constraints to
which the design must adhere for manufacturability and to satisfy CE/RED and FCC
regulations all posed challenges that most PCB design packages are ill-equipped to handle.
And after considering several other tools, Meteca decided that Cadence presented the best
suite of tools to meet their requirements.

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