OrCAD helps Phantom Motion, Inc. Establish a Clear Path to Design Success

March 15, 2019 OrCAD PCB Solutions

The company’s president, Vitaliy Degtyarov, has worked for several companies throughout his 20+ year career and spent his fair share of time working with inefficient EDA software which over-complicated even the simplest tasks. This created more work, led to issues with board correctness, and increased the time it took to complete a board design.

Before OrCAD, he described the push-and-shove routing as, “the biggest nightmare”. When he tried to move traces, the previous software would bend them in a way that created multiple instances of the same trace. As you can imagine, this led to even more problems—if he needed to delete the trace altogether, he’d have to remove ALL the instances of the trace created by the software. Simply put, Degtyaryov did not have an efficient way to manage the complexity of his designs. Instead, he was manually writing scripts and complex workarounds. 

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