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Hot or Not? An Introduction to Electrical Thermal Co-Design

October 16, 2020

The rapid evolution within the electronics industry results in devices becoming smaller and more powerful than ever with an increased time to market need. These changes can cause challenges regarding thermal performances requiring faster and accurate analysis for power profiles and heat dissipation. Read this e-book to learn how to navigate thermal design pitfalls with the Celsius Thermal Solver, which combines finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics for an entire system analysis.

What you will learn:

  • What design trends are resulting in greater need for awareness of thermal effects on your designs.
  • Common thermal design issues and how to solve them.
  • Why you should consider both static and transient thermal effects.
  • How to analyze and verify you design for thermal and cooling in the context of your enclosure / system.
  • How Cadence is empowering electronics engineers and PCB designers to manage and prevent thermal issues early in the design process.
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