The Hitchhiker's Guide to PCB Design

August 13, 2018

The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB design offers a cheeky, easy-to-understand dive into the PCB design and manufacturing process. The ebook takes readers on the journey of Ian, a new engineer getting his footing in PCB design, who makes some serious design faux pas resulting in a non-manufacturable design. However, thanks to the input and advice of several industry veterans, he is given a crash course on how to produce a successful, manufacturable board.

Get the guide and learn:

  • How to create a robust and manufacturable PCB layout
  • Who your project stakeholders are and why their involvement is essential for design success
  • Why it’s important to incorporate DFX (Design for Excellence) and the many topics it covers
  • Design best practices you need to know

This ebook contains over 100 pages of real-world, actionable tips from experienced industry professionals and includes checklists, detailed graphics, and links to additional resources aimed to provide designers with the knowledge they need for design success, no matter what CAD software they use.

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