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An Intelligent 3D Design View Virtually all of today's EDA tools that perform physical layout—IC, IC package, or PCB—are two-dimen- sional. While 2D may work fine for substrate layout, interconnect planning, or metal fill creation, this "plane-view" does not lend itself well to the design, management, and verification of multi-tier wirebond die or stacked-die designs. The design complexity and density involved require a more realistic three dimen- sional approach. The Cadence 3D Design Viewer meets this need by providing an IC package designer with the capability to physically visualize a design as it will actually look during manufacture. A designer can interactively zoom, pan, and rotate the 3D view as well as select from a set of predefined views from fixed orientations such as top, bottom, or northeast corner. Embedded with IC Package Layout The 3D Design Viewer is included with SiP Layout, but when acquired as a standalone product, can be accessed from the APD user interface. When invoking the "3D View" the designer has the opportunity to modify the settings for package ball dimensions, colors and multiple wire profiles (n- point models) as well as select multiple Cadence ® 3D Design Viewer is a full, solid model 3D viewer and 3D wirebond design rule checking (DRC) solution for complex IC package designs that is tightly integrated and included with Cadence SiP Layout. It is also available separately to be used standalone or tightly integrated with Allegro ® Package Designer (APD). It allows users to visualize, investigate, and wirebond DRC check an entire design, or selected design subset, reducing design cycle time and improving product manufacturability. Cadence 3D Design Viewer Visualize, debug, and verify complex IC packages Figure 1: Cadence 3D Design Viewer lets users visualize the same design as it will actually appear

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