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  • Request and Register for the OrCAD Free Trial1:04

    Request and Register for the OrCAD Free Trial

    It’s easy to request and register for the latest version of the OrCAD free trial from the its website

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  • High-Speed - Overview Video1:55

    High-Speed - Overview Video

    Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues with various tools to improve design performance.

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  • Stackup Exchange with IPC2581 - Feature Video1:04

    Stackup Exchange with IPC2581 - Feature Video

    Use IPC 2581 to exchange Stack up information. Utilize already existing database stack up for new designs to reduce repetitive manual efforts and human error.

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  • Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video1:10

    Design Rule Check: Manufacturing - Feature Video

    Setting up manufacturing design checks from the beginning helps you easily identify and eliminate any potential issues before they cost you time and money.

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  • Manufacturing Solution Overview1:32

    Manufacturing Solution Overview

    Working with your manufacturer and setting up your fabrication, assembly and testing checks from the beginning can help you easily identify and avoid any unexpected problems before they disrupt your p

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  • Design for Manufacturability - Feature Video2:07

    Design for Manufacturability - Feature Video

    Identifying potential problems before you finish the design and before you begin the manufacturing process helps reduce costs and eliminate added expenses.

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  • Timing Vision - Feature Video1:12

    Timing Vision - Feature Video

    Easily detect and resolve any timing issues such as delay and phase in real-time with the help of color-coded overlays on your canvas.

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  • High Density Interconnection - Feature Video1:12

    High Density Interconnection - Feature Video

    Learn how to utilize blind, buried and micro vias to save space and pack power in a more compact HDI design.

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  • Documentation Editor - Feature Video1:51

    Documentation Editor - Feature Video

    Easily streamline your documentation process and convey everything needed for error-free manufacturing.

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  • DesignTrue DFM Customer Partner Portal - Feature Video1:12

    DesignTrue DFM Customer Partner Portal - Feature Video

    The web based DFM Partner Program lets you easily communicate and request custom manufacturability rules from leading manufacturers for your designs, saving you time.

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  • Reflection Analysis - Feature Video1:14

    Reflection Analysis - Feature Video

    High-speed designs are vulnerable to problems such as reflection and ringing, so it’s important to simulate your designs and nip any issues in the bud.

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  • Design Rule Check: High-Speed - Feature Video1:31

    Design Rule Check: High-Speed - Feature Video

    Ensure that all your high-speed requirements are met by setting up constraints to flag any signal integrity issues and quickly optimize your PCB design.

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  • Design for Test - Feature Video1:27

    Design for Test - Feature Video

    Set up your Design for Test constraints to find potential defects/functionality issues and produce more reliable products.

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  • Placement Vision - Feature Video0:53

    Placement Vision - Feature Video

    Through proper component placement, you can improve design performance, lower costs and shorten time to market.

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  • Place Replicate - Feature Video1:29

    Place Replicate - Feature Video

    Learn how you can create a reuse module from the completed circuitry and save it to your library for future use.

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  • Allegro - Return Path DRC1:48

    Allegro - Return Path DRC

    Allegro analyzes your design to provide real-time insights and feedback to help you find and avoid potential return path issues. As you work, traces are color coded so you can quickly identify potent

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  • Allegro - DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints1:16

    Allegro - DFM Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

    Extensive design for manufacturability rules coexist with all other design rules in the constraints manager. In total, there are over 200 checks available. Adding a new rule is easy; just find th

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  • DRC Browser - Feature Video1:39

    DRC Browser - Feature Video

    Learn how to shorten your overall design cycle by finding and fixing DRC violations earlier with the DRC Browser. All design errors are organized in a clear, easy to navigate list, with

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  • OrCAD - Overview

    OrCAD - Overview

    OrCAD’s customizable and easy-to-use modern interface, and real-time insights make it easy for you to make informed decisions while you design your schematics and PCB layouts.

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  • Auto-Assisted BGA Fanouts and Via Creation

    Auto-Assisted BGA Fanouts and Via Creation

    The repetitive nature of BGA and other high pin-count device fanounts is perfect for time saving automation to make you more productive.

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