Webinar: Serious Tools For Advanced Rigid Flex

December 5, 2016 Team OrCAD

Webinar: Serious Tools for Advanced Rigid-Flex

Serious Tools for Advanced Rigid-Flex

Avoid Costly Fabrication Errors with Real-time Inter-layer Checks

Rigid-flex technology has allowed us to create the wearable, mobile, and medical devices that make our lives better.

That means flex circuitry isn't about appearances — it's about functionality. You need a PCB tool that verifies the functionality and manufacturability of your rigid-flex designs.


  • Easily route flex circuitry: Arc-aware contour routing makes it easy to add routing along existing connect lines, even on arcs.

  • Make sure bending doesn't impede function: Real-time inter-layer checks for connection errors to coverlays, pads,masks, components, pins, and vias. 
  • Accurately communicate stackups with your vendor: Get your stackups right by easily creating your documentation package using the IPC-2581 standard.

In this webinar, you will learn how to ensure your rigid-flex designs perform as good as they look. 

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